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For many people, ham radio is communication. For many others it is research, project building or just plain tinkering. Often, several aspects of the pastime are combined.

Communication may consist of being part of an emergency group or just chatting with fellow hams across the city or across the world. Research or science oriented people combine this with a study of the physics of radio wave propagation. Some amateurs build equipment to communicate via satellites or by moon bounce. Some have even helped build some of the more than 20 amateur satellites which are now in orbit.

Communication may be by Morse code, voice, or by packet (a digital transmission mode compatible with home computers). Amateurs often talk to astronauts aboard the International Space Station which has it's own station for the recreational use of the astronauts. Amateur TV provides opportunity for interesting experimentation. Many hams enjoy public service, which in addition to providing practice for emergency preparedness, helps coordinate and deliver reliable communications for events such as the car rally, bike rides and the horse enduro's

About the Foundation Licence

A Foundation Licence provides an easy first step into the world of Amateur Radio. The following document explains the privileges and requirements of Foundation Licences.

About the Foundation Licence

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is is the peak body representing Australian Amateur Radio Operators to the various government bodies in this country and is a member of the International Amateur Radio Union. This link will take you to the page on the Foundation Licence. Take the time to browse this website generally. There is information here about licencing, band plans, contests and books along with many other amateur radio related topics.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is the Australian regulator responsible for, amongst other things, radio communications. There is large amounts of information available on this web site relevant to amateur radio operators but this link will take you straight to the section on amateur licencing.

Foundation Licence Training provided by WARC

The WARC runs Foundation Courses as numbers permit, classes are taught by WIA accredited assessors. One on one help is also available from volunteers in the club for those who wish to do self-study. For more information on classes and self-study options, please drop us a note via the online contact form

If you feel you are ready for taking the exam, our club designated examiner is John VK2YW. We have a short FAQ for anyone in the Wagga area who may be thinking of taking a course or an exam.