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Meetings and Nets


Meetings are held at the Clubrooms on the last Friday of each month, starting at 8:00pm. Visitors are always welcome to come along and join us.

There is usually general club business, sometimes followed by a ham related topic of discussion or a presentation, and ALWAYS the chance to meet the people behind the voices and callsigns heard on-air.

We also have weekly working-bees at the clubrooms on Saturday mornings. the aim of these is to continue to improve our clubrooms and keep them tidy, but it's also a great chance for an informal catch-up and coffee.


We have an informal on-air chat on Sundays and Tuesdays:

  • Sunday 40m net from 12pm on 7165 kHz (+/- QRM)
  • Tuesday 80m net from 8pm on 3615 kHz (+/- QRM)