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WARC Repeaters

The Wagga Amateur Radio Club operates several 2m and 70cm voice repeaters in the Wagga and surrounding areas.

Our 2m repeaters are all linked together to provide a very large coverage area across the Riverina.

To gain access to all 2M and 70cm repeaters you will need to use a 91.5Hz CTCSS tone.

2m Repeaters

VK2RWG - 146.750 MHz  - Located at Wheel of Fortune Hill, East of Wagga Wagga.  Coverage plot

VK2RTD - 146.800 MHz  - Located at Mount Kendall, South of Tumut.  Coverage plot

VK2RGF - 146.850 MHz- Located at Square Knob, East of Griffith and Leeton.  Coverage plot

VK2RBE - 146.775 MHz - Located at Mt Bethungra, North of Junee.  Coverage plot

VK2RGA - 146.825 MHz - Located at Mt Galore, North of Lockhart.  Coverage plot

70cm Repeaters

VK2RTW - 438.025 MHz - Located on Willans Hill in the center of Wagga Wagga, and linked to VK2RWG and beyond

VK2RTW - 439.800 MHz - Also located on Willans Hill but providing only local coverage